Club History

A group of parents met in the lower common room at St Simon’s Catholic Primary School on the 16th November 1993 to discuss the formation of a new junior football club as a real alternative to the current offerings in the Rowville area. Through this meeting the St Simon's Knights football club was born.

President - Michael Vain
Secretary - Greg Solomon
Treasurer - Wayne Thornton
General Committee -
Ross Peters
Kevin Cahill
John Daly
Peter Di Nunzio
Rod Smith
Phil Moran
Jed Murphy
Quentin Fredericks
Greg Contrabona

The Committee passed the following resolutions:

That the club be know as The St. Simon’s Community Football Club The club make formal application to the Knox Junior Football Association (KJFA) to join in Season 1994 The clubs home would be Stud Park Reserve North Melbourne jumpers would be worn Development of club logo (Boxing Kangaroo)

History Time Line

December 14th 1993

The club was accepted into the KJFA at the 1993 AGM.

Season 1994

The club fields two sides in the KJFA Under 10 and Under 12. Fifty players. No facilities at the ground so we used the Community Centre Tennis Pavilion as club rooms. Use of toilets in Rowville Primary School about 200m away.

Season 1996

Application approved by Council to build pavilion at Stud Park Ground.

Season 1997

Pavilion completed for commencement of season. Training lights installed courtesy of Start program.

Season 1999

Merging of KJFA and EDFL into EFL. St Simons remains stand alone junior club. Second ground secured at Lysterfield.

Season 2000

The change of the jumper. The reason for the jumper change was that under the EFL rules where 2 clubs have the same jumper, if one of those clubs is a senior club the senior club has priority over the jumper. We then set out trying to come up with a new jumper that met the requirements of the league, did not clash with other clubs and most importantly kept as much of what was SSCFC original colours.

This was the time for obvious reasons the “knights” were born. This was the same time the words in the song were changed from “saints” to “knights” and “marched” to “charged” were included. This was all done at the jumper presentation night held at the community center. At the time we always held the presentation nights as a club as it was the only time we everybody in the 1 place at the 1 time. This night was a great night for the club and everybody that attended was very excited when the long awaited “knights” jumper was unveiled.

Season 2001

Club searches for new ground. This was during the time where the club had solid growth and we required extra facilities. SSCFC was awarded the Gordon Parker Best Conducted Junior Club award. This is a very prestigious award and is for the club that has conducted it’s self the best both on and off the field for the season. With a club of our size at the time it was a credit to all members to have received this award.

Season 2002

16 teams in 2002, the largest number of teams SSCFC was recorded with the EFL. With an average of say 20 players per team we had about 320 players. This made SSCFC the largest junior club in the EFL.

Season 2003

Liberty Avenue Pavilion opened.